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Honest Work Above Perfect Work

AdamCHAN Guitars 443.jpg

A Responsive Top


the key is the balance between its structural rigidity and flexibility.




thoughtfully designed features allow farther accessibility to higher notes.

AdamCHAN Guitars 448.JPG



designed and handcrafted

AdamCHAN Guitars 447.jpg



guitar body re-sized to fit Asians without compromising tonal qualities. You can enjoy hours of playing in comfort.

AdamCHAN Guitars Pre S060C #032-24.JPG



to give you enduring comfort to go long.

AdamCHAN Guitars Std S0605C #030-26.JPG

Personalised Inlays


art work to make it one of a kind.

AdamCHAN Guitars Std S0607 #029-37.JPG

Elevated Fingerboard


a top board free of compressive stresses have longer life-span and vibrates more.

AdamCHAN Guitars Custom S0601 #027-8.JPG

Non-traditional Materials

go beyond boundaries and principles. New tones, minimise energy loss and more enduring structures.

AdamCHAN Guitars #25-43.JPG


adds to your listening pleasure, and elegantly designed too

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