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About AdamCHAN

A Singapore guitar maker who enjoys making things.

As soon as I was able to remember, I learned that my father is a professional woodworker. Naturally, there were frequent visits to my father's work space. These visits have exposed me to various woodworking processes and equipment. Gradually I became familiar with certain woodworking skills.


My father has always been good in craft work. He loves to make things and fix stuff around the house. Invariably, most wooden furniture in my house was handmade by him. In this aspect, I have volunteered my abilities as well. However in my head, there was absolutely no thoughts regarding woodwork as my future profession.

Being a music lover, I expressed this passion through guitar playing. My interest in guitars gradually grew beyond playing the instrument. It progressed into carrying out maintenance and repair works on my guitars. My curiosity could not be quenched so I extended my guitar works on my friends' guitars.

My thirst for deeper knowledge of guitars remained insatiable which has driven me to enroll in a guitar making class by Master Luthier, Mr. Jeffrey Yong in year 2010.

The guitar making experience was truly inspiring and that had provided me adequate drive to initiate a gradual process of transition from providing guitar repairs services to designing and handcrafting acoustic guitars.

The year 2014 was a milestone in my pursuit; to be fully immersed into guitar related profession that is, Guitaring Passionately (GP) Workshop was inaugurated.


Since then, the workshop has been developing its capabilities to build guitars. It was also during these times, I solidified my techniques in building guitars.


Today, AdamCHAN Guitars has come into being.

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Block 3006 Ubi Road 1

#04-388 Singapore 408700

Tel: +65 9873 5980

WeChat Name: AdamCHAN 手工琴


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