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A Singapore guitar maker who enjoys making things.


As a child, I vividly recall my father was a professional woodworker. I looked forward to my frequent visits to his workspace. These visits exposed me to various woodworking processes and equipment. Gradually I discovered I had an affinity for woodwork.

My father was an excellent craftsman, always repairing things around the house or making something incredible. Invariably, most of the wooden furniture in my house was handmade by him. 

Watching my father work and taking after him emboldened me in this area, though it never crossed my mind my future profession would actually centre around woodwork.

Beside woodwork, I had another love: guitar playing. My interest gradually grew beyond playing the instrument. It progressed into carrying out maintenance and repair works on my guitars. My curiosity could not be contained so I worked on restoring my friends' guitars as well.

My insatiable thirst for deepening my knowledge for the instrument drove me to enroll in a guitar making class by Master Luthier, Jeffrey Yong in 2010. That guitar making experience was truly inspiring, and I transitioned from providing guitar repair services to designing and handcrafting acoustic guitars.

​The year 2014 was a milestone in my career. Hence, Guitaring Passionately (GP) Workshop was inaugurated, enabling many to develop their capabilities in building guitars. Since then, l myself mastered many fine techniques in guitar making. 


Today, AdamCHAN Guitars has come into being, marrying my love for music and craftsmanship.

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