Q1. How long does it take to get a custom order guitar made?

Generally, it can take 6 months to 12 months. As the design complexities increase, time needed to build it would also increase.

Q2. How do I secure an order?

Make a succesful deposit of 50% of the price of the custom job.

Q3. What about the design specifications?

After the deposit is received, the customer and myself would establish a line of communication. We would exchange ideas about design specficiations. The aim is to enable the customer to visualise the end product. This process would conclude with signing off on the agreed design specifications.

Q4. When would you start making the guitar?

Usually the work begins after the customer has signed off the agreed specifications.

Q5. Can I make changes after I have signed off on the specifications?

If it is an simple alteration, it would be accommodated to my best abilities. For major changes, we may need to go back to drawing board for discussions. All that could be fixed with the appropriate design change fees.

Q7. Is there a carrier for each custom guitar order?

Yes, a accompanying hard case for each custom guitar order

Q8. Is there a pickup system in your custom guitars?

Pickup system is not included. If required, I can supply and install various after-market brands of pickup systems on request. Please enquire for the actual fees.

Q9. What about shipping the guitar?

Free delivery for customers who are living in Singapore. Overseas shipping fee applies.

Q10. What about shipping related items like import permits, import taxes, custom duties fees, etc?

Shipping fees would be charge according to the destination(s). However other shipping related charges applicable at the destination(s) would be taken care by the receiver(s).

Q11: About CITES import permits.

If the custom made guitar is of wood species that require a CITES permit to be shipped, the CITES permit for EXPORTING from the Singapore authorities would be applied for. To complete the shipping procedures, the receiver(s) of the guitar should apply for a corresponding CITES permit for IMPORTING. The fees for the CITES permit for EXPORTING from the Singapore authorities would be added upon the price of the guitar.

Q6. What is signing off on specifications?

The discussions on design specifications would be documented. Eventually a document stating every detail specification of the custom guitar would be produced. When ready, the customer would receive the document for review. Once the customer has approved and signed off the document, signing off on specifications is considered completed.

Q12: Can I order a guitar that is of the same design and shape of a known guitar brand?

Commissioning a guitar maker to build something commercially available is to make copies. While guitar makers are experienced in making their guitars of their own designs, they may not necessary be familiar with guitars of other brands. It is experimenting with a commissioned job. It is hardly professional to do so.