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Sharp minds

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skilled hands

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A Singapore based academy for enthusiasts to learn skills in handcrafting strings instruments and grow appreciation in craftsmanship

Dennis Ng

Class #191205

The class helped me to understand the structure of the guitar, learning to build it step by step carefully, taking note of the crucial aspects in the making, the tone and the looks.

Jabez Leong

Class #191203

The overarching concept shared during Adam’s class, that is the most insightful to me, is the pursuit of the balance between flexibility and stiffness which can potentially produce a responsive guitar.

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Joseph Eu


Above all, the guitar making class is really an exceptional experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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Tan fei

Class #2110426

I recommend anyone who has interest in making an acoustic guitar to join the course, even if you have zero experience in woodworking or using any tools.

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Sharp minds, skilled hands

Guitar Making Classes

Contact me to secure a class slot.


Make deposit payment to confirm your attendance.

18 Days

Make your guitar in 18 days, guided approach plus hands-on.

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Guitar Making Classes F.A.Q.

Q8. How long does it take?

Most students take 14 to 18 days to complete their guitars. There is no requirement to attend the class for 14 or 18 days continuously. In fact the classes run with no fixed schedule currently. My students turn up whenever they are can. They keep going until their guitars are done. There are also no fixed number of runs per year. Students would arrange with me their availabilities in advance to avoid over-crowding. A minimum of 4 hours per visit is recommended. The class proceedings are structured into 4 major phases; (1) guitar body, (2) guitar neck, (3) finishing & (4) setting up.

Q1. How much is the course fee?

Course fee of SGD $3000.00 (approx. USD $2230.00). All wood materials and tools that contribute to the making of the guitar are inclusive. Certain wood species come with a wood surcharge of SGD $150.00 to SGD $350.00.

Q7. In relation to guitar making, what is provided?

All materials and tools for making a complete guitar would be provided. Exclusions; tuning machines, hardcase, electronics and all other peripheral devices. These cost for these peripherals would be born by students.

Q11. Where is the course conducted?

At Guitaring Passionately Workshop; Block 3006 Ubi Road #04-388 Singapore 408700.

Q10. What are the daily course hours?

On Weekdays, from 0930hrs to1700hrs. When necessary on Saturday, from 0930hrs to 1300hrs Sunday is a rest day.

Q12. Do I need to have skills related to guitar making?

It would make understanding the processes of guitar making easier. However it is not necessary. You would be coached.

Q13. Can you make left handed guitars?


Q14. Would I be too young or too old to attend the class?

Making guitars demand cognitive and motor abilities to comprehend instructions and execute them. For youth; 14 years onwards. Generally there is no advance age limit. However the student should be physically able and in good health to go through the duration of the course.

Q15. Is the course opened to non-residents of Singapore?

There is no restriction for non-residents of Singapore to apply for the course. They just need to consider their lodging needs.

Q9. Do I have to commit 18 days continuously?

For students who could afford the time to attend the class continuously, by all means. For students who can't, they can spread it out. The class schedule is flexible to work around my students' availability. Look at Q8. A minimum 4 hours per visit is recommended.

Q4. What shape of guitar would I be making?

Students can choose a S0607 (shape 7) or S0601 (shape 1) model. In the class, students would be making simplified versions of Shape 7 or Shape 1.

Q2. How do I secure a class slot?

By making a non-refundable deposit of SGD $1000.00. It can be paid via Paylah, Paynow, Credit Card or bank transfer prior to the commencement of the class. Full payment at the start of the class.

Q3. Is the class affiliated to any public grants or funds?

No. My guitar making classes are independent from any public grants or funds.

Q5. What kind of woods are used for building guitars in the class?

Students must be able to handle the wood materials. Certain exotic wood materials are very visually attractive but they are usually difficult to deal with. For example in cutting, sanding, bending, scrapping, etc. Students have limited experiences in wood working and using hand tools thus the endeavor to build guitars using challenging wood materials can be overwhelming. Maximizing learning experiences of my students will always remains as priority, over aesthetic appeal of wood materials. The wood materials presented to students are carefully handpicked so that they are able to handle these wood materials in every building process. Common wood materials used in my classes are okoume, monkeypod, mahogany, nyatoh, sapele, etc.

Q6. Can I make ornamental features like armrest, scoop cut-away, bevels, etc?

These features demand high levels of skills. It would be wishful thinking to hope that with passion and enthusiasm, one could attain success in making such features onto the guitar during the class. Such features are just not suitable for students. The side port is one such features that are manageable in the class. Students are allowed to make side port onto their guitars.