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sharp minds, skilled hands

A Singapore based academy for enthusiasts to learn skills in handcrafting strings instruments and grow appreciation in craftsmanship

Dennis Ng

Class #191205

The class helped me to understand the structure of the guitar, learning to build it step by step carefully, taking note of the crucial aspects in the making, the tone and the looks.

Jabez Leong

Class #191203

The overarching concept shared during Adam’s class, that is the most insightful to me, is the pursuit of the balance between flexibility and stiffness which can potentially produce a responsive guitar.

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Joseph Eu


Above all, the guitar making class is really an exceptional experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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Tan fei

Class #2110426

I recommend anyone who has interest in making an acoustic guitar to join the course, even if you have zero experience in woodworking or using any tools.

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Sharp minds, skilled hands

Guitar Making Classes

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18 Days

Make your guitar in 18 days, guided approach plus hands-on.

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